2024 Southeast Expo Recap

southeast glass expo logo

Who Attended?

Glass Expo Southeast had a great turnout this year featuring leaders from several disciplines in the Glass and Glazing industry. This included architects, builders, designers, and others seeking knowledge and learning about trends. Glass Expo Southeast had a tremendous mix of talent and expertise allowing attendees to really immerse themselves.

The Strutter pass-thru awning window displayed at Southeast Expo

Some of the Highlights

The event was kicked off with a great overview and outlook for the industry, particularly in the southeast where weather and other environmental factors are very unique compared to other parts of the country. There was a strong emphasis on safety and security this year, with attention being paid to fortifying buildings for ballistic, blast, forced entry, and storm impact improvements.

The expo also offered some great variety in topics such as best practices in making connections, and even took a humorous approach offering the good, the bad, and the ugly of connecting. Then there were presentations on things like, ERTC, improving cash flow, bird-friendly glazing and more.

Strutter at the booth

We really enjoyed meeting so many people at the event! They provided great feedback, and we appreciated their overall approval of the design and features of our pass-thru awning window! Some of the highlights we heard were, “It’s over our head” in a good way of course. We also heard lots of strong options for uses and designs where The Strutter Window would be a great compliment.

The Strutter window being demoed at Southeast expo

Key questions we heard

Can you make your pass-thru awning window impact rated? Yes, we can and are currently working on this!

Is a threshold required? No, one key feature of the Strutter Window is that no threshold is required and all the locking components go into the jambs, leaving the counter unobstructed.

How tall can it be? The Strutter window can be designed for any opening size and is completely customizable.

Can The Strutter window have a continuous hinge in lieu of butt hinges? Yes, this is a common question and feature that can be included.

We were really impressed with the event and enjoyed hearing all the feedback. We look forward to working with you on your next projects soon! Until next year, don’t hesitate to reach out anytime as we love your questions and ideas!