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                                    Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is the window stored when open?
    1. The window acts as an awning and is stored overhead. 
  2. What size is the frame?
    1. The frame is 4 1/2″ deep and will fit in almost any commercial or residential opening. 
  3. What finishes is the Strutter Window available in?
    1. The Strutter Window comes in all standard anodized and painted finishes, and we offer customer colors/finishes as well.
  4.  What glass specs are available?
    1.  The Strutter Window can be made to match any glass specs on your commercial or residential project.
  5. How are the corners on the Strutter Window constructed?
    1. Our window has clean mitered corners, giving it a seamless look on all four sides.
  6. Is Strutter compatible with transoms and sidelights?
    1. Yes, our window is intended to fit into your designs, no need to design around it.
  7. How does the window open and close?
    1. The Strutter Window uses gas struts, making opening and closing simple.
  8. How long does it take to get a quote?
    1. Quotes are turned in under 3 business days but typically 24 hours.
  9. What is the lead time on Strutter Windows?
    1. 3-4 weeks from approvals to delivery. 
  10. Where is the Strutter Window made?
    1. We are proud to say the Strutter Window is made in the USA!
  11. Can the Strutter Window fit into an existing opening?
    1. Yes, the many options for customization allowing The Strutter Window to be a great option for existing openings.
  12. What is the largest size of a Strutter Window?
    1. We are currently shipping windows up to 10′ wide and 4′ tall not including transoms and sidelites.
  13. Can you place two Strutter Windows side by side for a larger opening?
    1. Yes! We do this all of the time as it greatly enhances your service area!