Getting Your New Strutter Window

How do you ship the Strutter Window?

When it comes to shipping, the team at Strutter Window does everything it can to make it successful and painless with proper crating, quality-control, and coordinating delivery.


To be able to ship to all 50 States, we have put a strong focus on proper crating.  In the custom sized wood crate, we install the Strutter Window to make sure its properly anchored so it won’t get damaged in transportation. This also gives the customer a good example of how it should look once they complete their install.

Strutter window being crated for shipping


Once the Strutter Window is installed in the crate, we then verify it functions properly.


Then we take the struts off and package them neatly with the stops, handle, and any other accessories for the journey.

Strutter Window Hardware packed up

Finally we close it all up using screws and plywood for maximum protection and easy unpacking as it awaits pick-up.

Strutter Window ready to ship


To get your Strutter Window from us to you, we offer to coordinate the shipping using a number of trusted freight companies.  We do our best to optimize the packaging dimensions and shop our options to reduce costs and expedite delivery.


Arranging your own shipping or picking up your Strutter Window is also an option if that’s preferred.