Strutter Window at Mizzy's Pizza

Mizzy’s Pizza is owned and operated by Carver residents Jeff and DeAnn Misgen. They’ve been making great pizza for over 19 years and their restaurant continues to expand and grow due to their love of serving people. At their new Carver location, Mizzy’s wanted to have the ability to serve patrons inside or outside of the restaurant from the bar, so they turned to Strutter to make that dream a reality.

In a recent article by Audra Grigus, Jeff said, “I think our biggest advantage is that we’re independent, we’re nimble, we can pivot on a dime, because we don’t report to corporate, we don’t report to a franchise.” That opened up the opportunity for Strutter to come in and help make Mizzy’s more accessible for patrons to enjoy a pizza and their favorite beverage.

With over 60 employees, Mizzy’s has to be able to get to customers quickly and satisfy the demand of their thirsty guests, The Strutter window was the perfect compliment. Mizzy’s quickly decided to add The Strutter window to their new building and the added sleekness and simplicity of The Strutter window made the decision an easy one.  Jeff added, “We actually have customers coming in asking for the windows to be open, we are excited to offer this to our customers in Carver!”

Strutter’s commitment to delivering high quality, the latest in customization, paired with timely delivery allowed Mizzy’s to capitalize on the growth they were seeing. Ultimately Strutter’s Pass-thru awning window was able to help Mizzy’s go from a 3 sided bar to a 4 sided bar quickly and conveniently. We were happy to be a part of the project and don’t mind stopping by for a pie and beverage ourselves! Thanks Mizzy’s for trusting Strutter and congrats on your continued growth and evolution of your already amazing space!