3 Ways to Open up with a Strutter Window

What is a Strutter Window?

The Strutter Window is a high-quality service window that is sure to draw attention! For designers and architects that want to create that one-of-a-kind feel for any space, this is a must have.  The Strutter Window is a gas strut pass-thru awning window that is fully customizable, low maintenance, and easy to operate. It is commercial grade, yet it’s plug-and-play for your existing space or for a new build project. We say “open up” because that is how a Strutter Window works, it opens up to the outside, doubling as an awning while also avoiding the dusty mess a roll-up door or window can create. So how can Strutter’s pass-thru awning window open things up for your home or business?

the strutter window at the factory where it was built

Strutter Windows for Bars and Restaurants

Strutter’s pass-thru awning window truly honors form and function when it comes to your bar or restaurant. For your new build or existing space, you now can easily go from a 3-sided bar to a 4-sided bar! This will make your servers and patrons alike happy as your drinks and food are more accessible for everyone, and that is just one benefit. It also meshes the beauty of the outdoors and ambiance of indoors when you open up your Strutter Window. Many bars and restaurants invest heavily in patios and other ways for patrons to enjoy the outside, now you can enhance those investments without breaking the bank.

strutter window in a restaurant

Strutter Windows for Golf Courses

While there are so many different applications for a Strutter Window, one of our favorite places to see it installed is on golf courses. No more unsightly metal roll-up door at the turn, no more crowded space trying to reach customers ordering food and drinks. Strutter’s gas strut pass-thru awning window allows better access, and most importantly, speaks to the quality and attention to detail you put into your golf course. For the ultimate in beauty, style, and functionality, adding a Strutter Window is sure to beat the sub-par options on the market today for your serving areas.

strutter window in a golf course

Strutter Windows for your Home

Your home is where you spend most of your time and should reflect your dreams of relaxing while enjoying the outdoors. What better way than by adding in a Strutter pass-thru awning window? It is great for hosting and makes your space feel so much more expansive. The Strutter Window is commercial grade and fully customizable for any existing space, and can be locked up tightly for full protection from the elements when closed. It also offers overhead protection as well when open! How do you envision the Strutter Window in your space? Dream on as the possibilities are endless!

strutter window in a home