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2024 National Restaurant Association Show Recap


2024 National Restaurant Association Tradeshow Recap

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Who Attended?

“The National Restaurant Show is the largest annual foodservice industry gathering in the Western hemisphere where over 35,000 decision-making operators, dealers and distributors representing the commercial chain, commercial independent, non-commercial, retail and lodging segments gather to find the latest innovations in food, beverage, equipment, supplies and more. “

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Some of the Highlights

There were so many great exhibitors during this event it was hard to find one to highlight, however we were quite keen on reviewing the different inventions and innovations at the show, notably we found the Flavour Blaster very interesting! It allows the user to infuse 20+ aromatic essences into cocktails bringing the flavor to a new level. One other product that stood out to us was Catupiry. Catupiry cheeses replace creamy cheese in any recipe with their flavorful soft cheeses, and was particularly incredible on pizza.

Strutter window demonstration

Strutter at the booth

We continue to be so grateful for the support and feedback our window continues to receive as we travel around the country showing off what The Strutter Window can do. Our booth allowed us to chat and network with so many different types of industry people helping us continue to gather feedback and answer questions. Being in the booth, our favorite commenst we received were:

  1.  “I need one of these now!”
  2. “This would be perfect in my restaurant?” 
  3. “Two of these side by side would look great and really expand our service area!” 
  4. “I will take a card from any vendor that makes me look twice!”
  5. “We considered a regular window, but a Strutter Window would really make our restaurant pop!”

photo of Strutter Window at the National Restaurant association booth

Key questions we heard

  1. How big are you making the Strutter window? We are currently shipping them in sizes up to 10’ x 4’.
  2. Is a threshold required? No, one key feature of the Strutter Window is that no threshold is required, and all the locking components go into the jambs, leaving the counter unobstructed.
  3. Where are you based and how far to you ship the Strutter Window? We are a Minneapolis based company and we are currently shipping our window throughout the United States.
  4. Can The Strutter Window be sent out with just a frame and sash, and can we add in our own glass? Yes, this is a common question, and we are happy to accommodate this request.
  5. What color options are available for The Strutter Window? We currently have 4 anodized options in-stock, Clear, Dark Bronze, Bronze and Black. We also can paint and anodize the Strutter Window to almost any finish and custom powder coating is also available.
  6. Can you place two Strutters right next two each other to maximize the opening? Yes! We do this all of the time and it looks great and makes a big difference in your overall service area.

potential customer operates the Strutter window

The NRA show had an amazing crowd with great potential for future projects involving The Strutter Window! New connections were made and we truly, as always, enjoy the positive way our Strutter Window is received. As we continue to showcase our window across the country, awareness of our product is spreading with it! It is great to meet so many different industry people and hear their take on how they could use a Strutter window!