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Strutter Window at the 2024 Mid-Atlantic Glass Expo


Strutter Window at the 2024 Mid-Atlantic Glass Expo

Who Attended?

Mid-Atlantic Glass Expo was well attended by various vendors as well as hundreds of members of the New England/North-Eastern/Mid-Atlantic Glazing community out to see what is happening in the industry. From new sealants, arial equipment, various merchants, and of course to see the Strutter Window in action.

Strutter Window Booth

Some of the Highlights

This event was completely focused on allowing members of the Glazing community to network and learn from vendors from across the country on how to best solve challenges for their customers and clients. There were hundreds of vendors looking to match with potential clients offering a wide variety of products and services targeted to the Glazing industry.

demonstrating the Strutter window at the booth

Strutter at the booth

We continue to be so grateful for the support and feedback our window continues to receive as we travel around the country showing off what The Strutter Window can do. Strutter continues to enjoy a tremendous amount of positive feedback and we are always learning from our community on how to best support them in their goal of helping clients achieve a sleek look while having the best combination of technologies and function.

Key questions we heard

  1. How big are you making the Strutter window? We are currently shipping them in sizes up to 10’ x 4’.
  2. Is a threshold required? No, one key feature of the Strutter Window is that no threshold is required and all the locking components go into the jambs, leaving the counter unobstructed.
  3. Where are you based and how far to you ship the Strutter Window? We are a Minneapolis based company and we are currently shipping our window throughout the United States.
  4. Can The Strutter Window be sent out with just a frame and sash, and can we add in our own glass? Yes, this is a common question, and we are happy to accommodate this request.
  5. What color options are available for The Strutter Window? We currently have 4 anodized options in-stock, Clear, Dark Bronze, Bronze and Black. We also can paint and anodize the Strutter Window to almost any finish and custom powder coating is also available.

We were really impressed with the event and the attendee’s curiosity in The Strutter Window.  There were many times we couldn’t get to you all so thank you for being patient as we want to meet everyone! Thank you again for sharing your thoughts, feedback and wisdom as we aim to continue to leverage our community to make the best product possible.

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