Getting your new Strutter Window




Getting Your New Strutter Window

How do you ship the Strutter Window?

When it comes to shipping, the team at Strutter Window does everything it can to make it successful and painless with proper crating, quality-control, and coordinating delivery.


To be able to ship to all 50 States, we have put a strong focus on proper crating.  In the custom sized wood crate, we install the Strutter Window to make sure its properly anchored so it won’t get damaged in transportation. This also gives the customer a good example of how it should look once they complete their install.

Strutter window being crated for shipping


Once the Strutter Window is installed in the crate, we then verify it functions properly.


Then we take the struts off and package them neatly with the stops, handle, and any other accessories for the journey.

Strutter Window Hardware packed up

Finally we close it all up using screws and plywood for maximum protection and easy unpacking as it awaits pick-up.

Strutter Window ready to ship


To get your Strutter Window from us to you, we offer to coordinate the shipping using a number of trusted freight companies.  We do our best to optimize the packaging dimensions and shop our options to reduce costs and expedite delivery.


Arranging your own shipping or picking up your Strutter Window is also an option if that’s preferred.

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Strutter Window at the 2024 Mid-Atlantic Glass Expo


Strutter Window at the 2024 Mid-Atlantic Glass Expo

Who Attended?

Mid-Atlantic Glass Expo was well attended by various vendors as well as hundreds of members of the New England/North-Eastern/Mid-Atlantic Glazing community out to see what is happening in the industry. From new sealants, arial equipment, various merchants, and of course to see the Strutter Window in action.

Strutter Window Booth

Some of the Highlights

This event was completely focused on allowing members of the Glazing community to network and learn from vendors from across the country on how to best solve challenges for their customers and clients. There were hundreds of vendors looking to match with potential clients offering a wide variety of products and services targeted to the Glazing industry.

demonstrating the Strutter window at the booth

Strutter at the booth

We continue to be so grateful for the support and feedback our window continues to receive as we travel around the country showing off what The Strutter Window can do. Strutter continues to enjoy a tremendous amount of positive feedback and we are always learning from our community on how to best support them in their goal of helping clients achieve a sleek look while having the best combination of technologies and function.

Key questions we heard

  1. How big are you making the Strutter window? We are currently shipping them in sizes up to 10’ x 4’.
  2. Is a threshold required? No, one key feature of the Strutter Window is that no threshold is required and all the locking components go into the jambs, leaving the counter unobstructed.
  3. Where are you based and how far to you ship the Strutter Window? We are a Minneapolis based company and we are currently shipping our window throughout the United States.
  4. Can The Strutter Window be sent out with just a frame and sash, and can we add in our own glass? Yes, this is a common question, and we are happy to accommodate this request.
  5. What color options are available for The Strutter Window? We currently have 4 anodized options in-stock, Clear, Dark Bronze, Bronze and Black. We also can paint and anodize the Strutter Window to almost any finish and custom powder coating is also available.

We were really impressed with the event and the attendee’s curiosity in The Strutter Window.  There were many times we couldn’t get to you all so thank you for being patient as we want to meet everyone! Thank you again for sharing your thoughts, feedback and wisdom as we aim to continue to leverage our community to make the best product possible.


Three Ways to Open up with The Strutter Window


3 Ways to Open up with a Strutter Window

What is a Strutter Window?

The Strutter Window is a high-quality service window that is sure to draw attention! For designers and architects that want to create that one-of-a-kind feel for any space, this is a must have.  The Strutter Window is a gas strut pass-thru awning window that is fully customizable, low maintenance, and easy to operate. It is commercial grade, yet it’s plug-and-play for your existing space or for a new build project. We say “open up” because that is how a Strutter Window works, it opens up to the outside, doubling as an awning while also avoiding the dusty mess a roll-up door or window can create. So how can Strutter’s pass-thru awning window open things up for your home or business?

the strutter window at the factory where it was built

Strutter Windows for Bars and Restaurants

Strutter’s pass-thru awning window truly honors form and function when it comes to your bar or restaurant. For your new build or existing space, you now can easily go from a 3-sided bar to a 4-sided bar! This will make your servers and patrons alike happy as your drinks and food are more accessible for everyone, and that is just one benefit. It also meshes the beauty of the outdoors and ambiance of indoors when you open up your Strutter Window. Many bars and restaurants invest heavily in patios and other ways for patrons to enjoy the outside, now you can enhance those investments without breaking the bank.

strutter window in a restaurant

Strutter Windows for Golf Courses

While there are so many different applications for a Strutter Window, one of our favorite places to see it installed is on golf courses. No more unsightly metal roll-up door at the turn, no more crowded space trying to reach customers ordering food and drinks. Strutter’s gas strut pass-thru awning window allows better access, and most importantly, speaks to the quality and attention to detail you put into your golf course. For the ultimate in beauty, style, and functionality, adding a Strutter Window is sure to beat the sub-par options on the market today for your serving areas.

strutter window in a golf course

Strutter Windows for your Home

Your home is where you spend most of your time and should reflect your dreams of relaxing while enjoying the outdoors. What better way than by adding in a Strutter pass-thru awning window? It is great for hosting and makes your space feel so much more expansive. The Strutter Window is commercial grade and fully customizable for any existing space, and can be locked up tightly for full protection from the elements when closed. It also offers overhead protection as well when open! How do you envision the Strutter Window in your space? Dream on as the possibilities are endless!

strutter window in a home 



2024 Southeast Glass Expo Recap

2024 Southeast Expo Recap

southeast glass expo logo

Who Attended?

Glass Expo Southeast had a great turnout this year featuring leaders from several disciplines in the Glass and Glazing industry. This included architects, builders, designers, and others seeking knowledge and learning about trends. Glass Expo Southeast had a tremendous mix of talent and expertise allowing attendees to really immerse themselves.

The Strutter pass-thru awning window displayed at Southeast Expo

Some of the Highlights

The event was kicked off with a great overview and outlook for the industry, particularly in the southeast where weather and other environmental factors are very unique compared to other parts of the country. There was a strong emphasis on safety and security this year, with attention being paid to fortifying buildings for ballistic, blast, forced entry, and storm impact improvements.

The expo also offered some great variety in topics such as best practices in making connections, and even took a humorous approach offering the good, the bad, and the ugly of connecting. Then there were presentations on things like, ERTC, improving cash flow, bird-friendly glazing and more.

Strutter at the booth

We really enjoyed meeting so many people at the event! They provided great feedback, and we appreciated their overall approval of the design and features of our pass-thru awning window! Some of the highlights we heard were, “It’s over our head” in a good way of course. We also heard lots of strong options for uses and designs where The Strutter Window would be a great compliment.

The Strutter window being demoed at Southeast expo

Key questions we heard

Can you make your pass-thru awning window impact rated? Yes, we can and are currently working on this!

Is a threshold required? No, one key feature of the Strutter Window is that no threshold is required and all the locking components go into the jambs, leaving the counter unobstructed.

How tall can it be? The Strutter window can be designed for any opening size and is completely customizable.

Can The Strutter window have a continuous hinge in lieu of butt hinges? Yes, this is a common question and feature that can be included.

We were really impressed with the event and enjoyed hearing all the feedback. We look forward to working with you on your next projects soon! Until next year, don’t hesitate to reach out anytime as we love your questions and ideas!


Strutter Window at Mizzy’s Pizza

Strutter Window at Mizzy's Pizza

Mizzy’s Pizza is owned and operated by Carver residents Jeff and DeAnn Misgen. They’ve been making great pizza for over 19 years and their restaurant continues to expand and grow due to their love of serving people. At their new Carver location, Mizzy’s wanted to have the ability to serve patrons inside or outside of the restaurant from the bar, so they turned to Strutter to make that dream a reality.

In a recent article by Audra Grigus, Jeff said, “I think our biggest advantage is that we’re independent, we’re nimble, we can pivot on a dime, because we don’t report to corporate, we don’t report to a franchise.” That opened up the opportunity for Strutter to come in and help make Mizzy’s more accessible for patrons to enjoy a pizza and their favorite beverage.

With over 60 employees, Mizzy’s has to be able to get to customers quickly and satisfy the demand of their thirsty guests, The Strutter window was the perfect compliment. Mizzy’s quickly decided to add The Strutter window to their new building and the added sleekness and simplicity of The Strutter window made the decision an easy one.  Jeff added, “We actually have customers coming in asking for the windows to be open, we are excited to offer this to our customers in Carver!”

Strutter’s commitment to delivering high quality, the latest in customization, paired with timely delivery allowed Mizzy’s to capitalize on the growth they were seeing. Ultimately Strutter’s Pass-thru awning window was able to help Mizzy’s go from a 3 sided bar to a 4 sided bar quickly and conveniently. We were happy to be a part of the project and don’t mind stopping by for a pie and beverage ourselves! Thanks Mizzy’s for trusting Strutter and congrats on your continued growth and evolution of your already amazing space!


2023 AIA Minnesota Show Recap

AIA Minnesota at the beautiful Depot in Minneapolis was well attended this year. The majority of the attendees for this year’s event were Architects, architectural designers, interior designers, planners, contractors, manufacturers, and a number of students.

The event featured trends, new technologies in building products, opportunities to earn continuing education credits, presentations and more. The Strutter team was proud to be a part of it!

Some of the most interesting new technologies we saw at the conference included switchable glass, new products featuring retractable screens, and of course, the all-new Strutter Pass-through awning window!

We really enjoyed the genuine interest and attention we received on the Strutter Window and wanted to elaborate on a few of the most common questions we received while exhibiting at the event.

  1. How large can the window be?
    1. 10’ x 4’ for a standard window, larger sizes can be custom engineered or multiple Strutter Windows can be installed in a row.
  2. Is the Strutter Window designed for indoor or outdoor use?
    1. Both, common interior applications include school bookstores, IT departments, car dealership service departments, and even concessions. Outdoor uses are commonly bars and restaurants, pools, patios, golf courses and amenity spaces.
  3. What type of glass can be used?
    1. Any glass that can go into a storefront frame or window. This would include monolithic, insulated, tinted, frosted glass etc.
  4. Does the window lock?
    1. Yes, almost any hardware you can put on a commercial storefront door, we can include in your Strutter Window.

In summary, we at Strutter Window really enjoyed meeting all of the new people and our shared interest in Architectural trends in the US. Thank you to those that were able to stop by our booth and don’t hesitate to reach out with any additional questions on the Strutter Window!